Why hd porn videos are not cheap

We hear it all the time, people complaining as to the high cost involved in HD porn videos. I’m going to try and make the answers clear and honest. I’m not going to talk geek speak mainly because I’m no geek and wouldn’t know how!

Let’s look at the cost of HD video production to start with. You can’t just stick any old camera in someone’s hand and expect quality output. That makes sense right? So first you have the cost of the right, quality equipment, HD professional cameras are expensive, starting from around $3000 to purchase. If you are hiring someone to do the job, they will always add an equipment cost no matter how long they have had it or how many times they have used it.

Add to this the video operator, costs can start at $250 an hour and go up from there. If you are shooting in various locations you will be charged a location or travel fee. In a studio, you could be looking at $450 for 2-3 hours.
Depending on the size of the job, you can add an editor and his equipment. HD quality takes up a lot of bandwidth and basic space on computer systems so therefore the editor would have computer systems to handle this load. HD porn videos not only takes up a lot of space it also slows systems down so high-speed computer systems are very necessary. Again an editor will charge for their time AND equipment.
Are you following me?

Every step along the way adds to the cost of the HD video and this is why HD is not cheap. There is a high cost involved in every aspect of its creation, so it makes sense that we the consumers are going to be asked to cover those costs at the retail end.
As an example, a corporate HD porn video that is done professionally will be between $1000 and $3500 per finished minute. Think about that cost. A five-minute video, shot in HD for your business advertising or website can cost you in excess of $18000. That is just an easy to see a breakdown of where the money goes.

So, this is why HD video is not a cheap….every aspect of the process costs big dollars, Just think, None of that cost involved actors, scriptwriters, directors, producers etc. Then you add the middle man, the website owner that you want to stream or purchase from.